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Monday, October 31, 2011

Facebook Release Scheme 'Trusted Friends'

FACEBOOK plans to launch a scheme of 'Trusted Friends' that helps you if you get lost in the account.

This scheme requires the user to nominate three to five accounts of the most dependable friend. Then asked to enter a special code in order to prove your identity. Friends believe will be useful for email users who have infiltrated the hacker.

This happens because they tidaka can use regular password recovery mechanism.

''The new features give up this kind of spare house keys to a friend. This is to prove your identity through a friend's trust. Now you can choose 3-5 trusted friends if you encounter problems in accessing a personal account on Facebook,''said Facebook spokesman was quoted as saying Techradar.

Facebook Build Server in Sweden

GIANT Facebook social networking to build their first server outside of the United States.

Precisely, in Luleå, northern Sweden, which is located about 60 miles from the Arctic Circle. They chose the place because of cold temperature. In addition, the Luleå River is located in Luleå is also a central powerhouse.

At Lulea, Facebook to build three server rooms at 11 times the land size of a football field. Construction of a server in the farm expected to be completed in 2012.

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