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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Eat More Fish Than Good for Sperm Eating Meat

The quality of sperm from the first is often associated with diet or diet choices. Although both contain proteins that are important in the process of sperm formation, eating fish is claimed far more profitable than eating red meat.

It diungkp in research a doctoral candidate at the Harvard School of Public Health, Audrey J Gaskins. In that study, Gaskins make the observation of 188 male sperm quality and trends related to the selection of his diet daily.

Gaskins classify the men in two categories based on their diet. Groups of men with a healthy diet eat more fish, fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains while men with less healthy diets eat more red meat and sugary drinks.

When compared, the man with a healthy diet tends to produce better sperm than men with less healthy diets. Judged on the quality of sperm number, motility or movement abilities and also forms morfologisnya.

"This new small study, there may be other factors that affect sperm quality. But for the moment we can conclude nutritional factors associated with sperm quality," Gaskins said as quoted from HealthDay, Tuesday (18/10/2011).

Meanwhile in a separate study, Dr Jorge Chavarro of the Harvard School of Public Health also prove a link between a diet with sperm quality. In the research of Dr. Chavarro, men who consume lots of trans fats lower sperm quality.

Trans fats are bad fats are found in many fried. In the body, trans fat levels are too high not only reduces sperm quality but also lead to various disorders of the heart and blood vessels because it can raise levels of bad cholesterol.

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