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Thursday, October 27, 2011

'Death of Simoncelli Not One Rossi & Edwards'

Sepang - MotoGP world champion in 1987, Wayne Gardner, asked Collin Edwards and Valentino Rossi did not punish yourself after involved in an accident that makes Marco Simoncelli died.

Event at the Sepang Circuit heartbreaking it can be will continue to imprint in the minds of Edwards and Rossi. Gardner himself had experienced a similar situation when hit sepetri Franco Uncini in the 1983 Belgian Grand Prix.

Gardner then argues very important for them not to blame yourself. "I've been involved with Franco Uncini similar incident many years ago, so I understand how they feel," said Gardner in writing on his personal website.

"But it's not their fault. There is nothing they can do. Both of them will remember the incident over and over in their minds, wondering whether they should dodge to the left, right, or press the brake harder," said Gardner

"A little entertainment, ie television rebroadcast of the crash - in the next few years - would indicate that they had no chance at all to avoid the collision."

"It is, unfortunately, only a matter of being at the wrong time and place," said Gardner.

As a result of the accident, Simoncelli suffered serious injuries to the head, neck, and chest. His life was otherwise not be saved again at 16:56 pm Malaysian time.

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