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Monday, October 24, 2011

Body Signs Eat It Too Much

Everything that is excessive will be bad for the body, including in terms of eating. But unfortunately not many people realize. For that to know what are the signs that arise from overeating (overeating).

Generally one does not know with certainty whether the amount of food intake has been as needed or not, because it is difficult to measure it so that sometimes he still eat even though their needs are met.

Although no definite measure of how much food is consumed right, but it still can be known through the feelings of each person. For that to know what are the signs that appear when a person is overeating, as quoted from Lifemojo, Tuesday (10/25/2011), namely:

Soon began to feel bloated after eating
Feel uncomfortable after eating, when food should bring a sense of satisfaction
Stomach feel full so there is a sensation felt like vomiting
Feeling lazy and sleepy immediately after eating, sometimes even feel like lying in bed

Feeling thirsty but could not drink because of the stomach is bloated or full feeling

Some conditions known to cause a person to overeat, such as:

Stress, because certain foods, especially carbohydrates have a calming effect can suppress stress hormones and the brain that makes a person feel better.
Habits, some people will be excessive because it was his habit as it is so difficult to change.

Brain dysfunction, a condition where the brain receptors failed to receive satiety signals sent by the stomach or abdomen could not even send a signal at all.
Party, usually at a party guest will eat more than the host.

No longer a secret, if your eating habits can lead to excessive risk of diseases such as diabetes, obesity or cardiovascular disease. But in fact, changing your diet is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, especially for those who have become a habit.

Even so there are some things you can do to avoid eating excess that is:

1. Eat at the table and avoid a sofa or bed, this is because both places can make people relaxed and comfortable so it is possible to overeat.

2. Do not eat while doing other activities such as watching television or reading because it can make the mind diverted and failed to receive the signal. Besides the brain takes 20 minutes to realize that the stomach is full so you should eat slowly and chew on a regular basis.

3. Snacking snacks between meal schedule like in the mid-morning and afternoon to avoid overeating when entered into a large meal schedule.

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