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Monday, October 17, 2011

Blood Pressure Drug Instead Hazards If drinking Irregular

Not all cases of hypertension or high blood pressure need to be treated, sometimes simply by changes in lifestyle. But if the doctor has given medication, it should be drunk regularly otherwise the risk is even can be dangerous.

The message was delivered by cardiologists from Siloam Hospital Lippo, Dr. Antonia Anna Lukito, SpJP-Fika CRUCIAL in exposure studies. International studies on hypertension was conducted by Pfizer and involving 1461 patients from 19 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Latin America.

According to Dr. Anna, hypertensive medications taken regularly not as dangerous as untreated hypertension. The risk of complications in the 4 worst is the main organ in the brain stroke, kidney failure, heart attacks and damage to blood vessels in the eyes or retinopathy.

"Before giving medications, patients are always our education early on that the treatment must be regular. If you can not regularly, have not passable at all because it is not no good," said Dr. Anna in Goela Flower Restaurant, Wednesday (12/10/2011).

Dr. Anna adds, the function of the hypertension drug not only lowered blood pressure but also prevent long-term complications. This risk is often not realized by the patient, so often discontinue treatment when symptoms are not felt.

Meanwhile, specialist in internal medicine from Cipto Mangunkusumo, Prof Dr Lukman Hakim, SpPD-KKV said non-compliance in taking medication can also trigger rebound hypertension. This means that blood pressure is lowered when treated can suddenly soar higher when the drug is stopped.

If only occasionally did not take medication due to forgetting, the effect may not be too significant. Said to be non-adherent patients and high risk of rebound if too often discontinue treatment when her body felt fine.

"If it reduced the symptoms, the doctor will lower the dose and do not stop treatment altogether. Sometimes patients do not know the actual conditions that had to be diligent control to the doctor," says Prof. Lukman.

CRUCIAL study of treatment of hypertension was conducted in 19 countries including Indonesia. This study proves, treatment with a combination tablet may improve medication adherence than multiple tablets and could delay the risk of heart attack by 10 percent.(

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