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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beautify your eyes with eyeliner Stickers

Many women feel the shape of the eye, is owned by dissatisfied. To make your eye makeup on, women often use eyeliner. But for those not used to it, can actually make use of eyeliner eye make-up look chaotic.

Currently, the use of eyeliner for women it is becoming a trend. They often create a beautiful eye makeup with eyeliner. For an unusual use of eyeliner can take a long time. But now, with technology growing world of beauty that women use stickers on your eyeliner on the eye make-up to improve.

No need to worry and did not take long. Dior cosmetics company has a convenience for those who want to look pretty with eyeliner made available. Dior is the first beauty product, the label issued eyeliner. Dramatic eye make-up model and rich colors characteristic of Dior Eyeliner sticker.

To produce the perfect eye makeup with this sticker, its users must also have special abilities to make it look absolutely perfect when applied to the eyelid.

If the eye is applied to the skin in the dry state without makeup. Be careful when using the stickers. After the tape is opened, immediately put on the lashes. You can also glue on the stickers are. And when you remove the sticker from the eye, pull the edges of the sticker slowly. Be used after completion, the sticker can be saved and reused.

In general, the use of make-up sticker easier and more practical. If you have been accustomed to use it, pretty look with eyeliner no longer a hard road. Besides stickers eyeliner, there are also stickers to make-up lips

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