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Friday, October 28, 2011

Anderson's Courtney Stodden Impression

Anderson Cooper is talking about his favorite teen wife Courtney Stodden. He just can’t get enough of the sexed-up 17-year-old – and neither can I! Last night on Anderson 360, the newsman openly mocked and eventually imitated the child bride in his RidicuList segment.

I can’t tell a lie -- his puckered lips, creepy head nodding and vacant expression are spot on! Maybe Anderson will record a cover of her sensual single Don’t Put It On Me? One can only hope.

So what’s brought these fame seekers back under Anderson’s radar? Earlier this week, 17-year-old bride Courtney Stodden and her 51-year-old hubby Doug Hutchinson went on a date to the pumpkin patch. Cute right? Not so much.

Courtney, who dressed proactively in stripper boots, shorter-than-short daisy dukes and bare midriff, delighted children at said pumpkin patch when she strutted her jail-bait self in front of onlookers. Unfortunately, mothers were afraid their children’s eyes would burn in their sockets (or so I can only imagine) and complained to the pumpkin patch’s management.

Subsequently, the oh-so-romantic duo was kicked out of the pumpkin patch, much to the couple’s complete bewilderment.

After that, Courtney and Dougiepoo toddled over to a store, bought some pumpkins, took some raunchy pics (I’m sorry did I say raunchy? I meant beautiful) straddling the purchased pumpkins, and blasted the graphic pics all over the internet.

When people were outraged, the newlyweds talked to Dr. Drew (on camera of course) about the incident. Amazingly, they seem totally baffled that parents would find their behavior inappropriate -- but then again Doug and Courtney think their own relationship is kosher. On his CNN show, Anderson used his RidicuList segment to roast the gruesome twosome's appearance with Dr. Drew. Take a look!

What do you think of the couple? And of Anderson’s skewering of them?

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