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Monday, October 3, 2011

Anderson Place Target 10 Gol

Manchester - After scoring his second goal, Anderson, wants to make more goals. Manchester United midfielder has the ambition to score at least 10 goals this season.

Anderson scored one of two goals against Norwich City Manchester United last weekend. It was his second goal of the season after goals that he carved when the Red Devils beat Tottenham 3-0 some time ago.

Since joining Manchester United in the 2007-08 season, Anderson scored notch at most only four goals in a total of 30 appearances throughout the 2010-11 season.

"One goal was scored at least 10 goals," said the man's real name Anderson Luis de Abreu Oliveira is as preached by the Manchester Evening News.

"I will try to give you all the best from me to score more goals."

After retiring Paul Scholes, Sir Alex Ferguson asked Anderson to play a bigger role for the squad "Red Devils". The 23-year-old footballer was ready to pay that trust with a good appearance.

"You could say this was my best start since I had never performed five or six times in a row at the beginning of the competition. It's good to stay on the team and assist with major contributions," added the Brazilian player.

"I feel this is my time. I have been practicing well, keep yourself and the boss has given me a chance. It's important that I pick it up and show everyone why I am here," added Anderson.

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