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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wise Credit Card Tips

Flexibility and diversity of services offered by credit card partially offset by the danger is the temptation to buy and live on calls. There is also a risk of abuse and fraud by credit card. Given the danger behind the use of credit cards, then, can one do?

• Do not leave credit cards
Having multiple credit cards to pay an annual fee costs and make his attempt to spend more money. A maximum of two credit cards that must be possessed. If you have more than that, you should immediately close the credit cards. Considerations when choosing a credit card that will be maintained, including interest rate, credit and you will limit the benefits offered by credit cards are really useful for you.
Budget • for credit cards
In preparing the budget, the maximum amount of funds will be used by credit card.

· To purchases by credit card
With a record will help you figure out how much you buy your next for the "brake" to help pay. These files can be reconciled with the invoices to ensure that you are actually buying.

• Try to always pay the entire bill
This is useful so that you do not get overwhelmed by the great interest. Do not be tempted to pay to make only the minimum charge. If you already have a mortgage or credit card debt, prioritize sincere immediately pay off your debt by more efficiently. For example, reduced visits to cafes, shops and restaurants. If you examine the transport or rent a house, if you move to somewhere cheaper on the Internet.

Avoid using credit cards to withdraw money
Credit cards can be used to withdraw money from an ATM, but it is not free. You must pay interest on cash advances value even higher than the rate for the purchase.

· From Credit Card Fraud Beware
Method of credit card fraud increasingly diverse, either by phone or Internet. So, you do not keep the credit card number, expiration date or other information to strangers to be informed. Not lend your card to someone else.
Do not let your finances get worse with the credit card debt. Use credit cards wisely so that you keep your finances strong.

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