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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why do women get fat after marriage

Weddings are one point to point in life, we look forward to many people. After marriage many lifestyles, orientations and priorities which are not deliberately changed, including physical appearance. A fact that we often see is that weight loss in men and women after marriage.

A study found married women experienced an average of the number of fat as much as 63% in the first three years of their marriage. To mention one other fact that women run a higher degree of obesity than men face.

Why do women have to grow after marriage? Research tells us that the main reason for weight gain for women in her first year of marriage due to lifestyle changes.

As previously mentioned daily mail, many women who forget their waist have retained after the marriage. Dikemukan reasons some women, the desire for revenge after months of losing or maintaining weight. Several other women speak of the time for oneself closer look after the marriage, most women are only for the child and her husband to forget about the other things.

The study was trained at the University of North Carolina (UNC) for a total of 6936 respondents who visited less frequently admitted to the gym after they performed married. They also claim to gain weight as much as 6.8 kg experience in the first two years of their marriage. After the wedding, many changes in priorities and activities for singles are rarely performed.
Another study carried out and it is known that 1 in 5 new bride lived with her partner to experience weight gain a few pounds.

Why? 50 percent of these women feel more worried about their weight or appearance after marriage, while the other opinion says that it is the effect of the joy they feel, after going through a period of honeymoon.
Surveys in 3000 women who had been married out.

The results, which add about a third of women, it's hard to eat healthy foods to one year of their marriage because there is nothing to motivate them to do so. These women do not feel necessary to give a good impression on the partner after marriage as before, they were married.

How do women see their husbands, animals, the weight gain? The same survey 50 percent of men encourage their women on a diet to lose weight.

After marriage and children are usually more women rarely leave the house, except for domestic use. Time to take care of you at least make the body less well maintained and obese.

Surely everyone has an ideal weight distribution. Overweight or very bad is not good for health. People who weigh more than the average can lead to obesity or heart disease, while if it is too thin to be at risk of significant deficiencies in the body.

Nothing wrong with regular exercise with a partner, or cook healthy meals on the weekend or even perform sexual positions for overweight women to lose weight. In addition to avoiding the risk of obesity, this activity can also improve the internal harmony.

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