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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Weeping Health Benefits

Crying is the water discharge of the eyes caused by emotional factors such as sad, angry, happy or very happy. Crying helps us to release negative energy and is a natural way the body deal with unwanted feelings such as stress or anxiety.

The investigation revealed that the wine was found to have many benefits for the body. What are the benefits? Let us examine them one by one.

1st Reduce stress
Crying can reduce stress. When the tears, the various body chemicals and hormones released by stress can be formed has. If you keep the tears, then the same thing as your level of stress that can lead to increased health problems like high blood pressure and heart problems.

2nd Keep mood
Crying is the body's emotional reaction to something. When the tears, the body that secrete substances called endorphins from, substances called hormones also glad that was used to stabilize mood and emotional balance. When we mourn, we give our body the ability to stabilize, and a good time.

3rd Avoid colds and flu
The tears we cry when the fluid contains lysozyme, which can kill bacteria and 95% in minutes. As the nose has a nose hair type and tunnels to avoid germs and bacteria, to help our eyes have tears to our patients.

4th Detox
The tears, the sadness caused by emotional factors such as contain more toxins than the irritation of the eyes water (itching or peeling onions for tears). This means that the emotional tears, tears that are produced by stress, can eliminate waste and toxins from our body.

5th Lubrication
The primary function of tears is to lubricate the eyeball, so that we can see. Tears moisten and prevent drying of the mucous membrane of the eye. Without tears, we will not be able to see.

So not only beneficial to the body, laugh, cry, have also shown many health benefits, especially emotional health. From now on, you take your tears do not cry so hard!

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