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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wash your hands with True

Why should wash their hands?
Someone with the flu, cover your nose with your hand when sneezing and memagang handle on the bus when you hold the handle, the flu, bacteria can quickly switch to your hands and if you hold your nose or mouth, germs can enter our bodies.

This picture of the ease with germs travel from person to person. Diseases such as diarrhea, intestinal parasites, respiratory infections (ARI), tuberculosis and even deadly diseases such as SARS, avian flu (H5N1) and swine influenza (H1N1) can be prevented by washing hands properly. Unfortunately, many people, these healthy habits and to crumble, it is not important. And wash with a good hand, your life and family healthier.

How to fix Handwashing
Proper hand washing should be running water and soap. While technical measures are washing your hands properly as follows.

Wet hands with water from a faucet or running.

soap Take just enough cash for the whole hand. It would be best if the soap contains antiseptic.

Rub your palms together.

sand at your finger tips.

palm hand rubbing the back of my left hand (or vice versa) is blocked by the fingers (alternating) between the right and left hand. Rub between your fingers. They reversed.

Place a finger again with the back of the fingers and interlock.

Rub the right thumb with left palm with a twisting motion. Do the same with the left thumb.

Rub your palms on the backs of the fingers of one hand with the movement forward, backward and twist. They reversed.

Keep your right wrist with his left hand and do the twist. Do the same for the left hand.

Wash your hands with soap under running water.

dry hands with a cloth and with the faucet, close the valve with a tissue.
With a dry cloth better than dry hands with a hand dryer is common in the mall. Because of a hand dryer that is generally used to treat many bacteria that infect other can take.

When When you wash your hands?
Hand washing is done usually just before eating, before preparing food, after handling raw meat, before and after touching a sick person, after using the bathroom, after coughing or sneezing or blowing your nose, after changing diapers or pads, waste treatment before and after the injury, after cleaning or disposal of garbage, after handling animals or animal.

You should also teach good hand washing habits for your child this young. A child is happy, hear and feel things without knowing whether the object is dirty or not. Then put his hand into the mouth or eating without washing their hands. As a result, the child may suffer from the disease. Studies show that the number of children a deadly disease in Indonesia due to diarrhea, although this is by teaching children to wash their hands, can be avoided.

Given the importance of washing your hands, then all levels 15th October was declared World Day for hand washing. Make yourself and your family to wash their hands immediately ....

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