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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Use of credit cards

Credit cards were introduced in the 1920s in the United States. At first people known as plastic money. Later, silver or plastic credit cards, the attention of people all over the world attracted.

Then in 1985, demanding a credit card led with an exclusive hologram. Hologram on the credit card was made with the visible laser beam three-dimensional form. In addition, the credit card other security features, including special codes in the magnetic lines form behind him, the invisible visible under UV light touch. There is also a credit card owners of the image given. The aim is to prevent fraud and misuse of credit cards.

Although the use of credit cards more freely and easily, but to remember is to use a credit card, just like you. If you buy something, you do not need to spend money, but enough to slip a credit card. Purchase transactions are completed within one month total has been accumulated to pay bills. At one time every month is the date you paid the bill. Previously, the bills are sent, contains details of the transaction date, the entire bill and the minimum amount to pay.

Benefits of Credit Card
Credit cards would be very useful especially in an emergency, if we are not money. For example, if I had to pay the hospital. Credit cards give up to a month for reimbursement. So, if we are not money, we can still pay the hospital bills and get a credit card after receiving a wage or, if we paid payments for a while.

By the time you need online, one of the most popular is to transact the payment by credit card. Another advantage is if you go somewhere that is not wise to carry cash with them.

You can also get the benefits of discount cards, discounts at the restaurant or while shopping at a particular location. If the purchase is of course important and necessary that you will benefit from reductions achieved. But it must be duly considered. If not, we will do, to be extravagant by buying products that do not need or dinner in the restaurant to order the discount may be tightened.

Credit Card Danger
Because of its simplicity and no need to spend money if you buy something, we are often too busy to matter how much money was spent on a total store. In addition, there is not money, what the total purchase price does not seem large compared to the store of cash. It seems that we have wasted a lot of money for money.

However, expect, if you do not pay the full amount of the total bill of hazards. While you will be able to pay the minimum amount is usually 10% of the total bill. However, their deficiencies will be counted as a debt to repay and the interest is very large. Consequently, the total amount payable would be enormous and will continue to grow, so that the amount payable is inflated.

If you have not paid for some time, the Bank for encashment, the violence is forcing you'll pay for those debts. Many users of credit cards at the end to sell his property to pay debts to swell because of the interest credit card. Pelu known that the interest rate on credit cards more than other types of loans.

Credit cards are often used in fraud. Someone or an institution that could go wrong with a variety of ways to get your credit card number. In addition, they will buy or earn money to be responsible for you own a credit card with your credit card number.

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