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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Types of vaginal discharge in women

Whitish or commonly known as vaginal discharge or Fluor albus, a disease that many women are not marked with the passage of blood through the vagina is affected. There are two types of landfills are known in the medical world is normal vaginal discharge and abnormal vaginal discharge.

The properties of the normal vaginal discharge white mucus, watery, clear, no itching, and odorless. Every woman can be abnormal vaginal discharge. The reason could be due to fatigue, allergies to ingredients in food allergies, clothing, or even a pre-menstrual symptoms.

Women who are sexually aroused also the subject of a clear liquid that is similar to white. Everything is normal, so do not require treatment, should not be gagged or drained. Leave it alone because it is part of the cycle of the female reproductive organs.

Here are some types of abnormal vaginal discharge by most women have experienced:
1st Babies
2nd Whenever the first period
3rd Before menstruation
4th If you experience ovulation
5th Condom allergy
6th Chronic diseases
7th Mental Disorders
8th Inflammation of the cervix
9th Aroused by sexual activity

The second type of vaginal discharge abnormal vaginal discharge is whitish diseases are caused by germs, parasites and fungi. But can get worse if nothing is done, abnormal vaginal discharge can infect their sexual partners. Why? because of the germs whitish mucus and germs. There are several types of bacteria, Haemophilus vaginalis, vaginalis, aureus, Escherichia coli, can contaminate diptheroids.

Abnormal vaginal discharge greenish, thick, itchy and smelly. Usually appear yellowish spots, which made an impression on the pants. The parasites cause discharge freely scattered in nature and can be a woman because of an unhealthy lifestyle to infect, wipe the water is not clean, or because the client is in the public toilets.
Differently than the white mushrooms caused by parasites. White cream white mushrooms, itching is more chaotic and sometimes even seem to scratch as wounds on the lips of the vagina. It is not unusual for itching spread to the groin, abdominal folds, even below the fold between the breasts. White fungus can spread to the whole body through the fingers of the hand. Nail fungus carried out by hand after scratching at the site of White and infect other parts of the body.

Why do not go far, that the doctor and take medicine? White, which is not to heal despite treatment are usually caused by a drug. It is interesting to note that to eliminate this type of medication, the white noise, because White is not the same as the drug by fungi or bacteria. So if it is appropriate not to choose the medicine that has not healed the discharge.

In addition, the relief will not be cured if the treatment should not have been completed. The germs are still there, but the treatment was interrupted. Therefore, in all treatments outflow assured that all germs are gone.

There are two forms of treatment of vaginal discharge that treatment with medications by mouth and by incorporating the drug into the vagina. Both forms of the drug could eradicate the seeds of the disease, but the drug, which is inserted into the vagina to a married woman, not girl granted because it can damage the Virgin selaut.

Must be medically White confirmed by lab tests to see what kind of cause. From there, the doctor can choose the right type of treatment. This method is very accurate, but not practical and profitable.

In practice, the physician should be able to know and ensure that the manner by listening to the white patient complaints such as colors and smells that appear to suffer. This allows physicians the right way, without samples of mucus to prescribe for laboratory tests. Most patients are reluctant to hit whitish mucus, pemeriksakan to the laboratory.

Besides medical treatment, there are the traditional way of treating the discharge of ingredients from natural ingredients that are safe to use.

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