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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Suspected Lung Cancer Can Spread By Goat

Lyon, For more associated with environmental and lifestyle factors, cancer is usually not categorized as an infectious disease. But according to studies, the goat is believed to transmit a rare form of cancer that attacks the lungs.

Research conducted by scientists from the Louis Pradel Hospital in France that showed that people who frequently engage in contact with sheep are more susceptible to pneumonic-type adenocarcinoma (P-ADC). This disease is a type of lung cancer is quite rare.

"Previously, scientists have found there are many similarities between lung cancer P-ADC with a contagious viral infection in goats," said Nicolas Girard, who led the study, as quoted by Indiavision, Monday (26.09.2011.

Departing from the allegations, Girard and his colleagues conduct a search to see the possibility of transmission to humans. If indeed there is a risk of transmission, then it should be followed by an increased risk of P-ADC on one who is often involved in contact with goats.

In that study, involving 44 patients Girard P-ADC lung cancer and 132 healthy participants. The entire risk factors that are owned by the participants observed, including family history, smoking habits and how often contact with goats.

Observations indicate, the contact with goats associated with risk of lung cancer in particular P-ADC. Participants who throughout his life always in touch with the goat had a risk five times higher for taxable than the P-ADC other types of lung cancer.

Different types of lung cancer in general, P-ADC lung cancer is rarely associated with cigarette smoke. The exact cause is largely unknown, but the results of this study suggest that viral infection transmitted by the goat could be one cause.

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