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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rossi constrained Ban

Alcaniz - Valentino Rossi won the MotoGP race of poor results in Aragon. Ducati These claims could not perform optimally because of the extremely poor condition of the tires.

Starting the race from the pit on Sunday (09/18/2011), Rossi actually appear promising at the beginning of the race. Until lap seven, he had occupied the ninth position and seems to have a chance to compete in the race for sixth place.

But, nearing the end of the race, Rossi was actually losing speed and eventually only able to finish in tenth position - the same as the worst result this season in Indianapolis.

"This is a very difficult race. We hope have a slightly better pace," I Rossi at Autosport.

"I lost a lot of speed on the last lap eight because I have so many problems with the rear tire," added the Doctor.

"Maybe there is something wrong with the tires and the tires actually wear out at the end of the race. I finally had to slow down because I was too vibrating motor and is very difficult to control," he explained.

"With the tire that vibrates, you can not fast as expected," said Rossi.

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