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Friday, September 30, 2011

'Red Devils' Trying to Improve Performance

Manchester - Manchester United ended the last two games with a draw. For Sir Alex Ferguson, this is an alarm signal sign his team had again fix the appearance.

After the draw against Stoke City in the Premier League last week, the "Red Devils" also experienced a draw in the Champions League where they are forced to accept the results of the Basel 3-3. Last game in the spotlight because of MU had a 2-0 lead at first, but then got behind 2-3.

MU game against Basel at the time called sloppy. Defense, so that they can easily exploited Thorsten Fink landing squad set three goals against David De Gea.

"The people who say pernampilan Tuesday sloppy and we underestimate our opponents. Maybe there is truth in it," said Fergie as ESPN Star reported.

"I'm obviously not happy, even in the first lap I was able to see us play too relaxed and could be granted three goals," he continued,

A note to the appearance of the two central defenders, when the Red Devils, Rio Ferdinand and Phil Jones. Ferdinand did not anticipate a cross that led to the second goal of Basel. While Jones is often out of position - often leave the front line of defense, but slowly falling again.

"On the second goal, we had only one defender in the penalty area. Patrice Evra chasing bait donors, Fabio on the right side, Phil Jones in the midfield. Only Rio Ferdinand in the penalty area."

"I know it's a good bait, but it's not fair just to put a defender in the penalty area," lugasnya.

This weekend Manchester United game against Norwich City melakoni. Three points are required for Wayne Rooney et al. Because of their position in the standings is now achieved by Manchester City. On the other hand, the citizens would expect you to return rivals drop points.

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