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Monday, September 5, 2011

Financial Management (2)

Many people think that loans can be a solution in the form of debt financing are. However, uncontrolled debt can derail your efforts to live according to your income.

Certain types of debts can be an advantage. For example, long-term liabilities to assets such as houses, which can be advantageous purchase appreciate in value.

However, the credit card debt used to finance the daily life be devastating.

Hold to the principle of not pay a dollar or no interest credit card. In fact, credit cards can simplify your life, but always be careful when using it.

If you have a credit card, you pay your credit card bills immediately before the interest arises. Financial experts recommend paying off debts credit card, even if it means you have to sacrifice your savings.

Think about it logically, it makes no sense to borrow at high interest rates, savings, while maintaining low interest rates.

This amounts to lose. Beware of interest against the burden of credit card fees!

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