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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Do you know your types of shoes

Footwear is not only the shoe but also part of its appearance. For women, shoes are the footwear styles that are selling various kinds. The following information can be useful to increase the knowledge about any model that is footwear.

Various women's shoes are open-toed shoes, pump shoes, slingback shoes, wedge heels, kitten heels, stiletto, slippers, shoes and sport. They want to know what are the different types of shoes?

Open Shoes
As the name suggests, is an open end at the toes as you look like your thumb and forefinger. The back is usually closed, so that will be used in both formal or informal. The advantage of using these shoes are the foot does not sweat so it is more convenient.

Pump Shoes
To interpret squash shoes pump shoes. So named because it looks like the top of a pumpkin, semi-circular shape. Type of shoe is suitable when combined with a mini-skirt.

Slingback Shoes
This species is characterized by a rope wrapped around the ankle. Often known as moccasin. Suitable for use with an on-line skirt, which can give the impression of your feminine appearance.

These shoes can be reserved for those of you who feel comfortable with small heels. Wedge with the right kind of shoes are the same size from front to back and mingle with the soles of the shoes. The right shoe is not easily broken and is suitable for those of you over weight.

Kitten Heel
The purpose of this shoe is a low-heeled shoes. More appropriate when used in casual occasions.

With the sharp right turn before the height, this shoe fits if you use the dress to the party, because it can give the impression, feminine and sexy.

Even as a slipper. Slippers slippers with open back and see how it can be used if you want to look casual, but want to remain polite unforgettable.

Shoes covered the whole thing. Boots are only ankle deep, up to half of the calves and knees up to. Like the cowboy, this shoe perfectly when used with jeans.

Often called sneakers. Shoes, which are often used during training.

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