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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cause of vaginal discharge in women

White may result from many causes. If the whitish suffered previously treated but not cured then the possibility there are other causes.Perhaps there are disturbances in the uterus that cause vaginal discharge, or because the infection of the uterus, vaginal infections or infections in the fallopian tubes. Anything can happen may be a cause of vaginal discharge.

Whiteness itself is divided into two types of vaginal discharge, abnormal vaginal discharge and abnormal vaginal discharge. Normal discharge is always to heal and requires no treatment, while the abnormal vaginal discharge is white, which are caused by parasites, fungi or bacteria. In addition to abnormal vaginal discharge can also be a tumor of the uterus, because of their age, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and others are caused.

A summary of the six causes of vaginal discharge.

First tumor or cancer gynecologic white
The symptoms of the appearance of a tumor or cancer of the uterus is the impression that looks like a whitish liquid. Usually white with patches of blood and a foul odor. Growing up, the symptoms of vaginal pain in his lower abdomen, menstrual disorders, often accompanied by fever and body thin, pale and lethargic, weak and incapable, then chances are there is an abnormal growth in the content organs. Regardless of the cause of vaginal discharge should be treated, especially if the discharge portion of the sign of a tumor that develops in the body.

Vaginal discharge with blood may also arise from polyps in the content of organ, possibly in the uterus or cervix. Normally the blood after sex or after spraying of the vagina (showers).

Whitish second for the elderly
White also appears frequently in older women who were sometimes whitish liquid with blood. This is because the vaginal thinning with age. The same women may occur at puberty in women with diabetes and those who have entered menopause. Layer of the vagina in these women's groups and mengisut thin.

Because third whitish foreign objects into the vagina
The vagina is like an open corridor that allows the penetration of foreign objects in the body. The remaining land, cotton, or maybe condoms are foreign bodies that may be left in the vagina and vaginal discharge. In girls, beans, buttons, safety pin acknowledged, after a long integrated into the vagina are red and cause it to release vaginally.

4th Due to frequent cleaning white
Women often do not really healthy habits in the treatment of the vagina. All too often you clean the vagina with antiseptic material is not really healthy. Germs that live in the vagina, than to live in peace and good will for the body to follow the killing of the antisepsis. And the seeds that have helped shape the acid in the vagina. The vagina is acidic, to expel the seeds.

5th Pus urine white
If there is a history of sexual contact with men who sexually transmitted diseases, then it could mean discharge gonorrhea or gonorrhea. If the discharge is not to heal long after they were treated then there is probable cause vaginal discharge, which was a consequence of the illness suffered. Similarly, white discharge, but different causes and their contents, and when examined in the laboratory can be seen the germs of gonorrhea in keputihannya.

Because white sixth sexually transmitted diseases
Not easy to distinguish the normal white discharge caused by sexually transmitted diseases. There are two types of such diseases (STDs) like gonorrhea vaginal discharge that (gonorrhea) and chlamydia. Mucus discharge provides clear by chlamydia and are therefore considered to be normal vaginal discharge.

All women who have had a history of sex with a partner against sexually transmitted diseases are showing symptoms of vaginal discharge in a matter of days or weeks. Milky white mucus forms when bacteria gonorrhea and chlamydia dilute nodes when they are due. Both can be known only by laboratory tests.

Should be treated off-white, regardless of the cause. May be a secondary worse if nothing is done, is expected to spread within the uterus and these complications is difficult to cure.

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