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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Aloe Vera for health and beauty

Aloe Vera
The effectiveness of aloe vera for the treatment and beauty has been known since ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. In fact, the famous Queen Cleopatra believed with its beauty, using these plants look even more beautiful. Aloe vera is grown leaves, generally has a length of about 30th in the leaves have a slimy flesh, this part is rich in benefits for mankind. Old leaves of aloe vera, the most useful, it has content. You want to know what are the benefits of aloe vera?

Well with Aloe Vera
Aloe vera softens the hair so the hair's good to be famous. Perhaps these benefits that we have heard since childhood, we are often asked to use aloe vera for beautiful hair. That's why a lot of shampoo, aloe vera extract used in its products. This advantage is derived from the content of glycoproteins. If you have this plant at home, you can use it in a way to peel the skin, then rub the meat on the scalp and hair to become fertile and beautiful hair.

Lignin is the content in the leaves of Aloe vera contains useful moist skin, so skin does not dry and smooth, also to prevent the occurrence of skin allergies in the wearer useful. Coupled with the contents of the anthraquinone and the amino acids that would be very helpful for the skin because it helps the skin renew itself immediately to produce new cells and can eliminate dead skin cells.

Meat from the leaves of Aloe vera also has the same acidity of the population and be able to absorb much of the body also contains saponins, which can serve as an anti-fungal and anti bacterial. Regular use of your skin can look healthy and beautiful glow. You can also aloe vera as a mask, because it also contains antioxidants that help prevent premature aging of the skin.

The cooling effect of aloe vera gel, a first aid if you suffer from burns or burns. Can be caused by excessive sun damage to the skin. Just add the meat of the aloe vera injured in the region. The cold of aloe vera is done to help the healing process.

Health with Aloe Vera
We have many drinks with the use of aloe vera or aloe vera can be made, because these plants are useful for treatment. Can handle the meat of the aloe vera in the heat can cause ulcers or sore throat. Another advantage of health is that it can lower cholesterol. You can place it in a sense, to drink juice or cooked. Instead, immediately, if the meat of aloe vera, after the shell, as if to be left outside because it is so oxidized that the reduced effectiveness of the meat and brown.

Drink or eat meat or leaves of aloe vera aloe vera is also advantages for the beauty. Aloe vera can also be used as a refreshing drink by adding sugar or honey and water ice. The use of aloe vera or aloe vera for beauty, through the purchase of cosmetics or beverages in containers that are in the shop or supermarket, it will be appreciated.

But for those who want to enjoy the benefits of traditional, try to make this plant as one of the living collection at your pharmacy at home. This plant is easy to grow and not worry about the sentence. In fact, this complex is close the pores to leave the session, then that can live long without rinsing. In fact, aloe vera is a traditional way for the benefits of a healthy and beautiful all at once for you.

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