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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Add tips weight loss without drugs

Not everyone wants to have a slender body, but many also want to fatten the body because the body has too thin and no odor in the eye.
With a body that is too thin, in fact, lead to many negative effects, such as inferior, sick, and tend to inhibit social interaction.

As there is currently very fluid, which grow to their bodies in different ways, starting with taking the drug until the fat for fitness and sport. In general, the weight gain by two factors affected:

Factor genes / heredity. If the family such as parents and grandparents, and cousins have a problem with the weight is too thin, then you are probably thin because of genetics.

Factor metabolism. Sometimes the body stay slim despite eating lots of food portions, then most likely there is something wrong with the metabolic system of the body.

Here are 10 ways to quickly proved without drugs to fatten the fat weight and fat in a short time. How can you say, unhealthy weight 1o 10 ways you can increase your body mass.

1st Do Lunch
No breakfast in the morning is a quick way to fatten the body. If you meals, especially breakfast miss, you'll think your body, you are hungry. And if you go into starvation mode, your body will increase the amount of deposits as reserves by the conversion of calories into fat. Avoid eating for 10-12 hours, for example, by a hearty breakfast and then eat during the day. In this way, the body has a large economy in calories.

2nd Reduce sleep
Lack of sleep causes the body to break down and cause less stress during the day. Stress is not only your motivation to eat more, but also trigger an increase in the levels of certain hormones, weight gain. Lack of sleep will also eat more time to be at night. Ate foods high in calories right before bed can cause the body to change and store calories as fat.

3rd Reduce your consumption of vegetables
Vegetables have few calories and vitamins. So at least it contains calories, vegetables will give you a feeling of fullness, reducing your desire to eat other foods can be fattening.

4th Nibble
Increase your meals four fifty-seven or six times a day. If you have problems, try to chew gum or eat snacks until the time comes for dinner. Almost always chewing something in each of your activities.

5th Increase your meal
You are not by eating fat women. Try to eat twice the parts that you normally eat. If you order the food on site, done with large portions. Treat body average 700 calories per meal, the excess calories as fat is stored in the body.

6th Eat fried foods
French fries, fried chicken, onion rings, etc.. All fried foods are very good for a lean body fat. Foods fried in oil means a lot of saturated fats. Saturated fats are very good to gain weight, but has a bad side effect of health problems, especially heart. If you can eat French fries every day to nourish your body in no time.

7th Stop drinking
Such as vegetables, the water only place in the stomach. If you really want to be fat, to rapidly reduce drinking. Try coke or sweet tea instead of water.
8th Fast Food

Fast-food restaurants as a mast affairs office of the body. This place not only for food, serve the body fat, but also menyedikan additional form of French fries and soft drinks are a substitute for water that the body could swell in a short time.

9th Drink lots of carbonated drinks and Diligent consume alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are one of the best ways to gain weight. Coke, Pepsi and all kinds of soft drinks are loaded with syrup, high fructose corn is perfect for the fattening of the body. These drinks contain chemicals that can be turned into sweet and of course cheap.

However, these drinks are also toxic to the body. This drink will make a number of specific receptors in the nervous system, such as your brain tells you when you're happy, you continue to eat and drink is blocked. In addition, the caffeine in these drinks cause you to be very addictive.

10th Do not apply
For the fat you need to save calories. Sports will only burn calories. If possible, drive a better car than on foot and get up the elevators daripda the stairs to avoid the burning of calories. Finally, if you lose too much time to help television for 4-5 hours per day to save on energy costs from your body.

Some people, especially women grow after marriage, lead, probably because of the hormones or other factors help the body to be larger than usual.

In fact, do not worry about fat or thin, the important thing is to be healthy. Try in an unhealthy way fat is not necessarily good, because it can cause health problems in the future.

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