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Monday, August 15, 2011

U.S. police brutality demo rocked Reject

A four subway stations in San Francisco, USA closed due to police violence rally, Monday, 15 August 2011 to protest against e Massa has also protested against the efforts by police to the protests by closing the stop telephone networks.

Quote of the pages of the Los Angeles Times, dozens of mass demonstrations outside the Civic Center Station on Monday afternoon. To avoid a riot, police closed the Civic Center station, and three other locations in San Francisco, Powell Station, Montgomery and Embarcadero.

In addition to closing the station, the police also ordered businesses and restaurants to go on the road is closed after a mass movement of protesters in another station. Be broken by this, the transport at peak times.

"If the atmosphere is more secure, we can not risk the safety of workers and employees of the other platform," said deputy chief of police of San Francisco metro station (Bay Area Rapid Transit / BART).

The protesters carried placards and chanted "No justice, no peace policy, pigs, police disperse BART". Massa has been welcomed by anti-riot forces. Demonstrations took place peacefully, no one was hurt or arrested.

The mass rally at the death of Charles Blair Hill, 45, a homeless man by two policemen dead the three BART shot in July 2011 in protest. The investigation revealed two men not guilty because the police had threatened his safety.

Penembkan action is not the first time according to the review reports the San Francisco Bay View, has six people who died since 1992 in the hands of the BART. On July 11, 2011, hundreds of mass demonstrations against police violence. Yesterday was the third rally, held in San Francisco station.

Hacker Group

The rally was followed yesterday by the hacker group Anonymous. They were protesting against the police trying to block the telephone for three hours at a rally last Thursday. The blocking is done to prevent the spread of information and provocative mass.

Anonymous via the Twitter account, quoted in the pages of the San Francisco Chronicle, also said he had to enter the website of metro San Francisco as a form of protest. Anonymous remove all user data to form the public. (UMI)


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