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Monday, August 1, 2011

Scientists find rare fossil reptiles with long tails of the sea

Scientists at the Alaska managed a rare fossils of prehistoric dinosaurs and the like, to find the rest of the animal ever discovered in North America. Reuters writes Saturday (07/30/2011).

The bone was almost intact and is the order of thalattosaur, sea creatures with long tails and shallow and warm to meet at the beginning of the dinosaur era and disappeared in the late Triassic period about 200 million years.

The discovery of this fossil was discovered at low tide on the shores of Tongass National Forest and the North Museum at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks published.
"We simply have the time to drink coffee when suddenly someone said, hey, what is it," said Jim Baichtal, geologists from the U.S. Forest Service Tongass, who led the study.

Geologists have already launched a study to be conducted this time before in which the fossil was found. Unlike other thalattosaur discovery is the fossilized remains of bones and is almost a kind indivisu a loss. "In North Africa, is probably the complete sample we have now," said Baichtal.

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