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Friday, August 19, 2011

Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, and often more common

Sandra Bullock chapeau die always denied affair with co-star dans "The Proposal", Ryan Renold. But spend s lately, Sandra and more time together to Ryan.

Were you caught suis last weekend before the camera was on vacation à Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. However, you have not only three, some friends came Unfortunately, it took part. Vue Ryan to war to die, a foster child, Sandra, Sandra Louis on his back and followed them from behind.

Nothing but rumors always Assemblies votre togetherness. Moreover, rail Sandra suddenly at the premiere of the latest film Ryan, "Le changement de vitesse". At that time, said Sandra, you only wanted to help Ryan.

"They love each other very close, but only SLA friend," said a source quoted by the Daily Mail, Friday (19/08/2011). You joy and finding each en divertissement.

Ryan officially divorced from actress Scarlett Johansson to 1 July 2011 after three age limit marriage. Sandra Bullock end of marriage to 28 July 2010 by Jesse James.

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