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Monday, August 1, 2011

Regular exercise Will Be Healthy Skin Face

Regular exercise allows your body is healthy, and it appears that regular exercise, you too can look like, especially women more beautiful.

Sound, beauty consultant dr. Fia Fia Lee, with regular exercise makes the blood flow in general, will increase in all body tissues. The advantage for the face and skin, increases blood flow to healthy cells and skin tissue.

"With regular exercise, is the tissue that is to die soon replaced with new tissue. Therefore, the skin and face more beautiful, healthy looking and brilliant," he said on the sidelines of the treadmill AIBI American Series Start in Jakarta, Sunday (07 / 31 / 2011) in Jakarta.

dr. Fia Fia Lee, say, a good and regular exercise will improve your heart rate up to 40-60 percent of normal. A good exercise would be beneficial if they regularly performed at least 3 (three) times a week for 30 minutes.

For those who are busy working, dr. Fia Fia Lee said there was no reason not to take the time to do sports. This can be done when the weekends were wrong with the family.
To maintain healthy skin and bright, it is not enough to just exercise. According to dr. Fia Fia Lee, he needs to support other factors such as eating lots of vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C, drinking water and adequate sleep include (6-8 hours).

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