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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Honda CBR 250R officially launched in Indonesia

Honda CBR 250R by PT Astra Honda Motor officially (AHM) today 25th Launched in February 2011.

Honda CBR 250R was in Indonesia on 3 November 2010 showed Jakarta Motorcycle Show Events in 2010. Indonesia was the second country in the world such as selling CBR250R gives President Director of PT Astra Honda Motor Yusuke Hori.

Honda CBR 250R combines style, performance and comfort with the luxurious look, the design of the sport full fairing, which refers to a style of top class racing in Europe and Asia, supported by world-class Advanced Technology.

Here are some advanced features that this bike is owned by:

* ABS brake system (ABS combination) * - The first time the world, used by the class 250 cc engine.

* Pro-Link rear suspension - Suspension Pro-Link system with a lightweight and compact with 5-fold adjustment to the area of the seat, so that a progressive movement to increase stability and comfort.

* Front and rear disc brake.

* PGM-FI system (injection) - Honda CBR 250R make fuel-efficient and reduce exhaust emissions.

* Function Combined ABS version is found only in ABS

Honda CBR 250R is available in two variants, namely ABS and Honda CBR 250R Honda CBR 250R STD.

Technology Combined-ABS version is found only on ABS. This technology is the incorporation of technology lock braking system (ABS) with Brake Combinations.

If the brake pedal is pressed, the ABS system works on the front and rear wheels in proportion, as if the hand brake lever is actuated, the ABS system will work on the front wheels only.

Anti-lock braking system (ABS) is itself a braking system that prevents wheels from locking, that comes in a hard braking or hard. This system works if some or all of the wheels stopped, while the engine is still going to the car uncontrollable.

Honda CBR250R MST equipped only with a combined braking technology.

This engine comes with three color options:

* Red (Candy Ruby Red)
* Silver (Metallic Silver Sword)
* Black (Black Metallic Asteroid)

OTR price of this bike in the area of Jakarta is Rp 46500000 for the type of ABS and Rp 39900000 for the type of STD.

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