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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

1st Diets high in fiber. Start by replacing all the bad carbs (in medical language LDL) cholesterol in the diet with a good and healthy carbohydrates. Healthy foods need, including many colorful vegetables (especially green), fruits, grains and other fiber-rich foods in your diet. This stage may have been a lot of us have heard about healthy living tips.

2nd Be physically active sense. A healthy, active means moving your body as much as possible without injury. You can be as simple as walking or exercise as simple as possible.

3rd Drink plenty of water. Started, other drinks with water intake of eight glasses per day to replace. Water is an essential nutrient for a healthy lifestyle. It helps you digest food, absorb nutrients and elimination of harmful toxins.

4th Stop and replace bad fats with good fats. Keep fat calories in your diet around 25% to 30% (average 42%). And make sure you choose the good fats, especially omega-3 essential fatty acids and fish oil with EPA and DHA.

5th Be making a habit of positive and optimistic attitude in part from tips for a healthy life. Your attitude is the driving force of healthy living. And according to one expert, Abe Lincoln: "Most people are just as happy as they make their minds to be happy." To choose to be happy, healthy and thankful for the future before itself.

6th Maintain a healthy weight. Focus on healthy eating and active living, a healthy weight permanently by the direction you programmed.

7th Replace bad habits with good habits. Smoking, excess sodium, caffeine, alcohol, bad news or negative thinking can derail your healthy lifestyle. So, replace the bad with the good start.

8th Management of sleep and stress in your life.

9th A healthy social life active. Studies show that healthy people have healthy relationships that they regularly socialize with friends, sharing ideas and support each other tips for a healthy life.

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