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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dow Jones sales fall back

Market participants believe the economic problems and debt in Europe again trigger stock market crash in the U.S., after three consecutive days increased.

Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 120 points, when trading is carried out for half an hour after the opening of the transaction. This triggered a report that the German economy in the last quarter of this year and stable economic growth in Europe of the draw.

Then in the middle of the day of the operation, and the Dow recovered slightly strengthened. However, try again after a meeting of leaders of France and Germany, which markets the European debt problems as a quiet failure because it produces only a political solution to long term. Investors do not expect any direct financial decisions such as collective agreements, which supports its members in the euro area.

"The real question is to try the market, the answer to whether we are in a recession or not you think?" CFO Strategies Burke, John Burke, as reported by the AP.

"Today, the answer is probably yes, because it is not visible. For example, Europeans who have no way to find the debt," he added.

Vice president of MF Global, said Nick Kalivas, who plan to tax financial transactions in Europe is a negative sentiment to stock trading. "It's another slap in the face to the banking system and would reduce profits and restrict trade," he said.

After work on Tuesday or Wednesday in New York in Indonesia, the Dow fell 76.97 points, or 0.67 percent, as low as 11,405.93. This is the first time in seven trading days the Dow has varied by less than 100 points.

Standard & Poor's 500 also fell 11.73 points, or 0.97 percent to 1192.76 and the Nasdaq fell 31.75 points or 1.24 percent, to 2523.45 position.


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