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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Citizen of Japan fall to Niagara Falls

A young Japanese woman of 19 died after he lost his balance and fell to Niagara Falls, Canada and the United States. Until now, his body was still missing.

CNN reports on the site Tuesday, 16th August, 2011, the daughter was denied, he slipped and fell on the Canadian side of Niagara on Sunday. He was sitting on the fence panel with an umbrella in hand, before they finally fall.

"For 35 years, found a policeman, only this time I am something," said the Niagara Parks Police Chief, Doug Kane. Immediately conducted a search with a helicopter, but there was still no trace of the girl would be found.

The events of the fall students will be recorded by a surveillance camera, but the police were not able to publish the video. "Based on our observations of the video, this incident is clearly a tragic accident," said one officer.

Kane said the girl in the list of missing persons would be included, until his body was found. Currently, the superintendent of the Niagara Falls to inform the Japanese consulate in collaboration with families of the victims.

"There should be reminded to obey the warning signs of the end be," said Kane. "We should be able to take visitors to see the waterfall, while ensuring that they comply with safety and security has been determined."


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