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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cholera disease RIP hundreds of lives in Cameroon

Cameroonian health officials said at least 500 people died in a cholera outbreak in August. During 2011 it was already of 13,000 cases of cholera.

Page reports by CNN, Wednesday, August 17th, 2011, more than 50 deaths occurred in northern areas, the most affected. The Logone and Chari Division of residents said that the toddler and the woman is most affected by the disease.

Andz Ondobo Gervais, director of disease control at the Ministry of Health said that nine of the 10 regions contaminated with cholera in Cameroon. The government of Cameroon has opened treatment centers with complete medical facilities across the country. However, he stressed Andz that residents must continue to act to self-medication.

To prevent the spread Andz urged people not on the river water, just water, confirming that it safe to drink, drink alone. In addition, representatives are invited been established without delay any new cases of cholera.

After monitoring, came the cholera bacteria that infect the population of Cameroon from the Logone river, which was the basis for the lives of thousands of residents. This is supported by the facts on the ground that all connections are often inadequate medical or not to those who need it are tightened.

Residents Cameroon has also protested against the political campaigns of the presidential candidate who does not touch the issue of health. "Cameroon People's Party of Democratic Movement is clearly billion of funds for the campaign and travel abroad. Why can not they allocate resources to combat the cholera epidemic?" Maroua complained a citizen who declined to be named.

Cameroon Ministry of Health reported 9395 cases of cholera in 2010 and 8830 of them were reported in northern regions. Since the epidemic began to spread wider in May 2010 the government sought the support of several international organizations.


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