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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Car Loan Tips

On the other hand, if you want to buy a car on credit, then we believe there are some things you should know before deciding to sign for a loan from a financial institution or banks.

1st Recognize that the loans
In general, there are two types of companies or institutions that provide car loans for community facilities, particularly for car ownership. The first device is a credit institution.

While the second is the financing institution. Financial institutions usually with companies in the automobile industry, either connected as a single agent (ATPM), or a dealer. In times of crisis, as now, the banking sector would be very careful not to disburse funds for loans for individual car owners. Although some banks recently began to offer loans to the community of owners of private cars.

2nd Choose a car as needed
select the type of car you and your family must not only want the next thing to check and approved jointly by such credit or credit-Toyota Avanza Toyota needs. Everyone in the family has a preference for this type of vehicle is different. This should be discussed with the family. Thus the decision to buy a car later, such as certain types of credit or credit-Toyota Avanza Toyota, was a joint decision and enjoyable for all family members.

3rd Price Survey
Once you have determined what type of car you want, then the next step is to offer the best price obtained exhibited by asking several dealers who want the kind of car you can, for example, credit Toyota determine Yaris competitive price and quality. It takes a lot, because you have directly with certain dealers at the price of the car, check the sale price of the car Honda car stand here and sell the car to help you before the credit is Toyota Yaris.

4th Prepare the appropriate force and mortgage-dp
One must prepare you, if you buy a car is on loan for a deposit or down payment (dp). What is usually between 20-30 percent of the price of the car. For example, if the price for the car you want at least $ 200 million, then you have over 4 to 60, a deposit is to spend. Not to administrative costs and fees to disinin lain.

Attractive car sales car prices and sales of Honda cars, the size of your ability to repay every month based on your debt ratio can be calculated (see above). Our advice should your debt does not exceed 30 percent. Thus, the maximum monthly net income was to be lifted from 30 percent to be set for use as a mortgage or car loan Toyota Avanza Toyota Yaris.

The payment amount will depend very want of the term of the loan contract you. In general, car ownership, the loan period is 1 to 3 years. There are also financial institutions that offer a maximum of 5 years. Personalize your ability to repay per month with the payment, not a forced loan, making monthly family financial flows to be faulty.

5th Choose the interest rate
There are some things about the mortgage market as interest rates on credit or Toyota Yaris Toyota Avanza learn, either in banks or financial institutions. Technically, there are two types of mortgage rates (1). Fixed interest rate (fixed rate) and (2). Interest rates (floating rate).

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