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Thursday, August 11, 2011

British police raid behind The Gangster

"We will fight back. You can run but can not hide!"

This is the message of the British government for the rioters and looters who raged for four nights in London and had the big cities.

For British Prime Minister, David Cameron, is a riot is not a problem of social inequality, but purely because of the young criminal who is with a bat or a gangster culture has been poisoned.

Cameron had prepared a series of measures to the rioters and submit to the Legislature today, August 11 This is an emergency meeting for the government and the British Parliament. If it is still summer. But because of the riots forced, AM Cameron and his senior officials and legislators have been so far the courts and police to cancel their holidays.

The British government took a series of immediate measures, including increasing the number of police in areas that are often implemented. Metropolitan Police Chief said that there had been only 6,000 police on the streets of London, is now taken up to 16,000 officers.

In addition, it is with the police throughout the country, including Scotland, securing towns in the north of England has helped. The judges in London and the surrounding area must also be ready to hold court at night to try and punish the rioters and looters.

The results were very effective. According to news agency Associated Press more than 1,200 people were arrested on a number, and hundreds of them are willing to negotiate. In addition, because the situation Wednesday night in London and other cities have begun in full control.

"The gangster is the leader of the protests and was behind the attacks are coordinated," said Cameron in an emergency meeting with lawmakers in London.

"I delivered a clear message to those responsible for these crimes and violations. You will see a law enforcement difficult. If you are old enough to make this crime, then you are old enough to face the punishment, "said Cameron earlier.

He said the riots and looting is a heartrending scene to steal with a group of people to kill, loot, plunder, with a group of people attacked the police even attacked firefighters as they tried to extinguish the fire. "This event is purely criminal and must be confronted and overcome," said Cameron.

According to The Guardian, the British police gave information to the officials, including Mr Cameron, that the perpetrators of this problem are the local gangsters.

With the help of communication technology, using the Twitter micro-blog site for BlackBerry Messenger, they coordinate the demonstration on Saturday on police shooting of a young man named Mark Duggan, riots and looting . What happened in London, Manchester, Salford and other cities.


Before an emergency meeting with members of the House, Cameron and his team have developed a medium and long term. One of them is severe punishment for the rioters and looters.

In addition to imprisonment, Cameron and the British Parliament also wants punishment for those responsible for the expulsion of the looting, which set by the government-subsidized housing (Council House) and various other public welfare .

As the Telegraph reports site supports the proposed designation of Cameron. Ministers are preparing the documents, which allows managers to state housing policy, the offender to drive them out of colonization. Already approved the plan is the official housing policy in Greenwich, Hammersmith and Fulham, London, and the District of Salford in Manchester.

The British government is also considering whether the sensor to help social networks is, the event was widespread. "The era of freedom of information can be used for good. But it can also be used to hurt," said Cameron, Forbes cited.

He continued: "Everyone who has seen the terrible things stuck in the mind, if the riot was organized by social networks."

Minister of Housing in the UK, Grant Shappa, the ministry said stiff penalties for offenders outside the region was also excluded. "The government is trying to tighten the law. So everyone involved in the unrest, should reflect on the long-term effects that are received by them and their families," said Shappa.

The Minister of Labour and pension funds, Iain Duncan Smith, Mr Cameron said the firm has also proposed the revocation of all rights of the rioters who receive social assistance. To implement this, does the United Kingdom, the law of social protection to amend it before.

So far the plan of 80 000 people of England through an online petition on a government website was supported. "No taxpayers' money to contribute, to steal the sins of those who are committed to the destruction of property, their own communities and not have to respect what he has given the government against them," said the statement.

Significant losses

The riots and looting that caused four nights, large losses to business and industry in the UK, one of the major economies of Europe had lasted. Among retailers, as cited by CNN, admitted that he lost sales of more than £ 100 million pounds, or about Rp1, 38 billion for four nights because of the shops and businesses were burned and looted their broken bodies.

Estimated value of loss created by the Centre for Retail Research. Meanwhile, the British Chamber of Commerce is not the amount of damage, said because of the turbulence. However, analysis of the RRC was also found that the amount of damage was 520 million pounds to swell, about 7 Rp 1 trillion years coming, when many tourists and businessmen moved to another location.

Businessmen are concerned that unrest could undermine their preparations to host the big party in London next year's Olympic Games. Celebration, which should provide significant revenues for employers and increase revenue for the British economy.

Mass riots are also victims. Haroon Jahan (21) Shahzad Ali (30) and were Musavi Abdul (30) killed Tuesday evening, August 9, 2011, reported after the strike, while keeping the colony Windson Green, the city of Birmingham. Speed of 80 mph the car was immediately fled after the collision with the three young men.

According to the Daily Mail, August 11, 2011, is the culprit in the black citizens age 32 and was arrested by the police. Not yet known what the motive for his actions.

The incident is feared, could become racist incidents in the middle of the British security situation leads battered by the riots. Father of a victim, Tariq Jahan, appeared before the media and asked residents to remain calm and not to provoke emotions.

"I lost my son. Blacks, Asians, Whites, who live in the same community. Why should we kill each other why we do this?" Jahan said. "You go into their homes."

Unfortunate that the three young men, like others in the colony was in the night patrol service to protect their neighborhoods from looters. They protect the mosques, churches and temples, and in particular to protect its activities for the residents.

Before the incident, said residents saw a group of young black gang of their colonies cluster, burning cars and screams.

The victim's cousin, Ali Hussain said the gang of thugs who were predominantly Asian stores looted. He is worried Asian members of youth gangs in the regulation is enacted retribution.


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