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Sunday, August 7, 2011

8 ways to relieve stress at work

The mind and body are inextricably linked. Adapt to the persistent stress changes in the chemical structure of the blood, weakening the body's own resources and capacities.

If this happens, the immune system deteriorates and eventually you get sick. Therefore, it is important to take regular breaks from the routine of daily activities to give your body and mind a good rest.

"Another effective method is to combat stress, to conversations with people, including family, friends and perhaps make even your colleagues. When feeling stressed or sad, with significant others, s talk express and share their problems. This reduces the stress and make you a little peace in knowing that there is someone to feel the care. Because the buried feelings and thoughts can increase stress, "said Dr. Surapong Ambhanwong, Chief of Medical Affairs and International Group Phyathai Hospital, Bangkok , Thailand.

Have you heard the saying, "Work without play makes life dull?." Habits like these can also cause stress. We need time to stop the routine, to find relaxation, and the relationship with the family. Everything has to be balanced.

Take time for a vacation, he could stay at home to something relaxing, like reading, sleeping, spending time with family to do karaoke, gardening, cooking, or other activities are preferred.

Office of the jungle, as in modern times. If we spend more time in the "forest", then it is important to learn to survive in creating a positive environment for themselves. How?

1st Make good relationships with colleagues
2nd Policy and avoid gossip job
3rd Be objective and neutral
4th Continuously visualize the situation constructive and useful
5th Use positive words in a conversation or dialogue in everyday life
6th Designed to stay up to date are positive and productive
7th Set realistic goals and measure your personal effectiveness of current and future
8th Select the priority of work and perform important tasks first

You should be proud of the achievements and awards that have been made in the preferred activity. Regardless of your age, the formation of the brain is a good way to understand and learn from your life. Positive thoughts anticipates happiness, health and the successful outcome of every situation and action.

In his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey says that change starts within. If a person is constantly stressed and dissatisfied with the environment and the people who try to step back and reflect on yourself, then decide what can be done to correct the situation. Replace negative feelings with positive thinking. Positive thoughts bring health, happiness and a successful completion of every situation and action.

"Live life with a positive, although the problem persists, come and go. Each of the obstacles and encumbrances that will not affect a positive attitude to life. Common sense of a healthy body, the good life," he says.

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