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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

1200 people have been arrested since the riots

The riots that took place in London, suggests the harsh reality of the prevalence was not the economy. Of course, most of the rioters, the children of unemployed youths pleaded not with the economic inequalities are not satisfied, some of them immigrants.

According to the site of the Associated Press, Thursday, August 11th, 2011, almost 1,200 people were arrested in Britain since the unrest broke out last Saturday. According to reports, they are mostly poor boy from the suburbs of London, which is composed of different races and ethnicities.

Today, under the test is the descendant of Ukrainian teenagers 15 years, adolescents aged 17 years who have claimed, went straight to his cousin, and probably the youngest is 11 years old teen steals her away. All three were sentenced by the court. In the meantime, hundreds of others waiting process in the courts, which continue to run throughout the day.

One of the robbers was 19 years admitted working disgusted with the actions of government. He said that the rate of the UK economy for some, while the periphery, as he gets nothing.

"Nobody has had anything done for us, not the politicians, police, and everyone," said the young man named Freddy.

Tottenham district, the region that triggered riots in the UK must also get serious attention. The problem is, this region is known for its high crime rate and ethnic conflicts that often occur. Most residents of Tottenham were white, but to dominate black African and Caribbean countries as well. Other breeds such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other Asian countries to live here.


The unrest she seemed to combine all together. The main trigger was the death of a black man, Mark Duggan, last week. Moreover, the poverty and economic inequality, angry residents and residents of the ignition.

As much as 18 percent of adolescents aged 16 to 24 were nearly half the blacks and not unemployed. Other social problems that can occur is the high rate of teenage pregnancies, drug and weapons possession.

"There is income inequality, the unemployment rate is 16 to 24 years is very high and most residents of this place has no higher education. There is great dissatisfaction among the current generation," said political science professor at the University of Nottingham, Matthew Goodwin .

The level of crime in the suburbs of England, the UK as the country with the crime rate among the highest in the EU. In 2008, more than a million criminal cases in England and gave Wales.

The authors are mostly teenagers and children. This number is very high to France with the numbers 331 778 cases and in Germany with 210 885 cases in comparison.


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