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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tips to Nail the yellowing

Nail polish colors lure often we make the weapons to disguise the appearance of the foot that are less beautiful. But, it's actually not a true solution. What happens if we do not ever give extra care on the feet? The color changed to yellow toenails, including one of the most common.

Common nail discoloration caused by residues of nail polish is still attached.

Rub with a nail buffer. Doing it regularly can help diminish the yellowish stain.

Bleaching. For stubborn stains, try rubbing your nails with lemon juice. The content of citric acid in this fruit may help to disguise the stains on the nails. That way, the polish will not adhere directly to your nails.

Pick a color nail polish younger. Dark color nail polish can make the nail color to be yellowish. Change the color of the younger ones. Do it at least every 3 weeks.

Ask the expert. Yellowish color that never fade can be a sign of other health problems. This problem should consult a physician.

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