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Friday, July 15, 2011

Tips on caring for laptops

Many people who do not know about how to care on a personal leptop. This is because that will cause damage more quickly on leptop. Actually it is easy to do maintenance so that you can stay awake leptop from damage.

Maybe there are two ways ie by way of treatment on the hardware and software maintenance. If maintenance problems in software, I already love the way the article Tips on caring for your computer. The article might as well care on leptop software.

If the hardware leptop care issues are somewhat complex. Because besides the smaller size and simple from the computer, hardware on leptop also prone to damage. For that let us see what it can do for hardware maintenance on this leptop:

Time leptop used or leptop in a state of mode on should not use gloves Laptop Covers apapapun including leptop above or do not use carpet or a bed when lit. This is because at bottom there leptop cooling equipment that uses air circulation. So if the closed air circulation can cause leptop damaged.

In general, damage to the leptop occur on your hard disk and LCD display / screen. Hard disk damage caused by collision or fall. LCD damage is usually due to sun exposure and physical stress. So when we bring leptop have to be careful.

Try the artifacts on the adapter cable leptop always neat. So when we carger leptop nobody tripped due to an untidy cables.

Put the screen protector and keyboard protector "protector". So that the keyboard will always be maintained from outside interference such as dust or ketumpahan intruding fluid. To screen protector to prevent scratches or dirt caused by foreign objects.

For baterai problem, you better always carry carger of the batrai. Use batrai at certain times and do often. Try when the battery is in carger leptop dead. For all of that to avoid damage to the batrai, sometimes batrai can leak caused by such things. And one more thing do not often take off and put batrai too often. Because it can cause batrai slot on leptop damaged.

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