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Friday, July 15, 2011

Some Tips caring for computer

Many in today that require a computer. In addition to its utility is very useful computer into a communication tool at this point. So many people who need sophisticated tools on this one.

Many people who already have a computer, but you taukah computers also require treatment. Not only on personal use only, as in the cafe-cafe that is now also in great need for computer maintenance.

For if a computer could never care / care can cause damage. It's good every once a month or two computers to get treatment. Want to hardware or software maintenance. Let us consider first how the software maintenance:

Do a defrag once a month to organize and sort files by type of hard disk file / data in such a way that will facilitate the read / write so that the workload will be lighter that could ultimately extend the life of the hard disk. You do this by: Click Start menu> Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Disk Defragmenter.

Perform routine cleaning of the Recycle Bin. Actually the files / folders that we deleted from the hard drive does not disappear because it will be first in the Recycle Bin, but there are several types of settings that we can use, among others, provide a warning when deleting, remove and then store it temporarily or permanently removed. For settings that remove and then stored in these shelters with the intention for a moment if you still need to return again. Recycle Bin is that many will also take up hard drive space can cause the reading of the hard drive so slow.

Every once a week or regularly, do the cleaning of existing viruses or scan. You can use software such as virus cleaner avast, avira, or artav and so forth. This can prevent the virus spreading to other software that can cause damage.

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