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Thursday, July 28, 2011

SELECT EDUCATION savings plan or education?

Education and Education Savings Insurance, These two products have the same properties. Investment, which is extracted with a time for children of school age. Also had the same protective function. So if the risk of death for you, then the availability of funds for education was provided.

Education is an insurance policy that provides two functions are available (endowment insurance) is the function of protection and investment features. It provides a protective function with the risk of death on you, which promises a certain amount of money if you died. Typically, the insured amount to the cost of educating children who have adapted disepakat in politics.

This insurance is also an investment to manage and invest, pay a portion of the premium. Instead, the insurers agreed, funds amounting to provide the policy and the payment period in the policy response time of the child's school is included.

School attendance is a savings bank savings products that have similar characteristics, the education of insurance. Save with education, you save some money regularly.

The amount of your monthly savings goal is to fund the training that you calculated later. To ensure the availability of funds for education later, the Bank has, together with insurance companies to ensure your deposit, even if there is a risk of death.

How much should you set aside savings each month will depend on what your needs in the future. For example, to finance the education of your children, how the necessary calculations and if the funds are used.

Then calculate approximately how much to save. Then create a reserve in your savings of about 3 to 12 times your salary.

No need to ask that the Education Fund and the Reserve Fund should be made immediately. Aside, of course, so that your savings goal is achieved without having to sacrifice your life now.

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