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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Overcoming Tree Hair Tips

having long hair is a struggle. This is because long hair care process is complex. One of the most frequent problems experienced by women with long hair is the hair tip pecah-pecah/bercabang.

To avoid such problems and because so many women want practical to choose a short haircut. But actually this is not a problem that can not be overcome, provided the know the cause then you can handle it quickly.

Branched hairs usually appear as hair growth. The oil produced by oil glands under the skin of the head not to the ends of the hair. Causing the hair become dry and brittle in the appeal of the central part of the stem or root hairs. Other causes for hair coloring and use a shampoo that does not correspond to the condition of hair. Can also hairbrush and comb your hair quality is not support.

For treatment there are several ways, one is cutting your hair. This is not the preferred way, especially if you're want to lengthen the hair. But if this is not done then the damage to the hair the more elongated and the hair should be cut more.

Take care with a conditioner or cream. Treatment in this way if done once a week, quite helpful if your hair is brittle and tends to rupture, because the use of a hair dryer or due process of straightening and curling.

Trim / steam your hair routine every 8 or 12 weeks if your hair is long or 6 weeks for short hair. Trim the ends of hair that are cracked with the model layer. This model can remove hair that cracked without requiring you to lose most of the hair.

Avoid using the dryer too frequent menstruation, and brushing or combing hair. Wear a hair brush or comb the hair of good quality. Do not use a comb that was missing several teeth.

To get rid of hair that cracked a good idea to do a proper sweep. Use a brush comb which has a round pad on the end. Cushions would give stimulus to grow healthy hair. Combing not just get rid of dust and tidy, but it helps spread the oil content of hair need.

Before shampooing, comb the hair first so the hair manageable and not wrinkled. Use wide-toothed comb when hair is wet. To be smooth and soft hair you should use a large brush comb. So you should always clean your brush comb. Good luck.

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