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Monday, July 4, 2011

Jellyfish overrun, Shut Nuclear Reactor

Two reactors at a nuclear power plant (NPP) in the area of Edinburgh Torness, East Lothian, Scotland forced to shut down. The reason is because of the large jellyfish come to the waters around the power plant.

Not just swimming around, the jellyfish were known to enter the facility and prevents the cooling water filters.

EDF Energy, the operator of power plants that East Lothian said the plant closure is a precautionary measure and does not result in the emergence of a threat to surrounding communities. Clean-up operation immediately held, but only a few days later the plant back in operation.

For information, Torness has two Advanced Gas Cooled Reactors. But he also relies on to ensure the supply of sea water cooling system to work safely.

To stay clean, it has a filter designed to prevent seaweed and other aquatic animals entering the cooling system. However, if the filter becomes clogged, the reactor needs to be turned off, in accordance with applicable security procedures.

"There is no threat of danger arising from this incident," said a spokesman for EDF Energy, as quoted by the BBC, July 5, 2011. "There is no danger of radiological aspects related to the closure of the reactor and no impact on the environment," claimed the spokesman.

Currently unknown why the sudden a lot of jellyfish in the region. Of monitoring, the water temperature on the east coast of Scotland is relatively normal. However, temperatures above the average in other areas in the North Sea may be a trigger hijrahnya the jellyfish.

Prior to this, the last few years a number of nuclear power plants in Japan have repeatedly received the jellyfish invasion. Early last June, a gray seals have been rescued at nuclear power plants in Somerset, England. He was trapped in the suction of water after a run to catch fish there. Fortunately when it is operational nuclear power plants are not affected.


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