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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Healthy Hair Tips Natural

enhance your appearance with the help of our hair styling tools such as tool vise, ion curl, hair dryer, curling drugs can make us healthier hair becomes dry, fall off and quickly degraded when not balanced with proper care.

Some tips to make our hair still radiates beauty in ways easy and natural.

1. Perform hair care at least once a month.
Did not have far to go kesalon, you can do it yourself at home. To replace the cream bath cream you can replace it with the flesh of aloe vera, avocado fruit, hazelnut oil or coconut milk.

Tau's natural ingredients are healthier, safer and efficacious than chemical materials that have been mixed. ;)

2. Clean hair at least 2 times a week
Choose cosmetics shampoo that matches your skin type and hair. Do not choose a shampoo for dry hair if your hair type is oily because it will make your hair even more oily dandruff and vice versa.

3. Lancarkan blood circulation with combing and massaging the head
As I was shampooing try to gently massage your scalp with your fingers, besides making more relaxed may also help stimulate hair growth.

Similarly, combing, select wood comb usually stemmed, round, soft and rarely toothed (comb jengkol). Comb the hair from front to back, back to front, left to right and right to left as much as 25 times each. Do each of you will go to sleep at night.

4. Do not forget the hair vitamins
As the body and skin, hair needs to be given vitamins. Apply vitamin hair in every strand of hair after shampooing while the hair out half dry. You can easily get hair vitamins on the market or want a little more hassle but naturally can use honey in your home.

5. Always protect your hair and scalp
Using a hat or head covering when out of the room is a wise choice for you who want the hair is always healthy and do not lose moisture due to sun exposure. It can also protect your hair from air pollution and dirt that can damage the hair.

Hair is the crown for every woman. Having healthy hair is beautiful not only up to date on fashion trends is the most important thing. So do not ever forget to care for and maintain the beauty yes ladies ..

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