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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Health insurance

Willing umbrella before it rains. This maxim is precisely applied in our daily lives. We as humans can not know the future. Now maybe we are healthy, but if God wills other things, maybe next week we hit a disease that we do not expect before.

Are you already making preparations to face the possibility of pain in the future? How is your financial plan? Do you realize, that the cost of hospital doctor + drug + is not cheap? Can you pay all that when the time comes?

This website aims to introduce the concept of health insurance to you. With health insurance, medical expenses will be covered by insurance companies.

Why Insurance?

If you take out, you have to pay insurance premiums every month. It looks like money is lost. But if one day something happens to your health, then the cost of your treatment will be covered.

If you do not take insurance, it means you are spending less each month. If at any time you are exposed to severe illness (which cost tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars), then your own medical expenses.

Well, why should you take insurance?

Because the premiums you pay each month is not actually lost money. Rather, the premium is the expense that had to be issued every month. Concepts like this are very common in foreign countries like America and developed countries in Europe. That is why the population's health is guaranteed.

While we in Indonesia? The majority of people still think of insurance as being "unnecessary". As a result, so there is a disaster, the family will be desperate for funds. Debt here and there, selling this and that. Things like this will not occur if the following insurance, because insurance companies will pay, not you.

Calm the mind, health guaranteed, happier life.

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