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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Google Buy for Service Bypass URL

Google has just bought the domain to provide services bypass the URL in the site. These services will be provided to condense the links the URL (universal resource locator) of the various services of Google, that can be distributed to various social networking and microblogging service.

"We will use to transmit web pages owned by Google. So whenever there is a link, users can ensure that the link when clicked will only lead to Google's services," said Google was quoted from PCWorld website .

The emergence of this service will not affect services bypass the public url for already operating. Not yet known how much Google spent to buy this domain. However, generally the domain. Co beginning with a letter sold for more than U $ 1.5 million or around Rp 13 billion.

Some companies also have top domains. Co. Besides Google, Overstock has purchased domain While Amazon has purchased the domain,,, and Twitter did not want to miss, has purchased as a service URL.

Actually, the domain. Co originally intended as a domain for the Republic of Colombia. But with the permission of that country, commercialized as an alternative to the domains that becoming full. Now, the domain registration. Co reported to have exceeded 1 million names.

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