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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Global Muslim Fashion

Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. Therefore, do not be surprised if Islamic fashion in Indonesia is growing rapidly in the middle of rush world fashion trends. In fact, it might have become a fashion identity of Indonesia.

According to Eka Shanty, Chairman of Indonesia Islamic Fashion Consortium (IIFC), fashion houses of Muslims in Indonesia has been able to export to the 57 OIC countries are almost all Muslim inhabitants of Bergama. This means that Muslim fashion industry in Indonesia has been recognized in accordance with elements of Islam and its beauty benefits.

It is not possible if the Muslim fashion into an exclusive fashion brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Marc Jacobs. "We want to make Islamic fashion as a global brand where all people can use it, not only for Muslims," said Eka.

Especially today, IIFC want to develop Islamic fashion police who will control each design according to avail islam muslim clothes without removing fashionable element in it.

But unfortunately, a growing Moslem identity in Indonesia just as the usual seasonal clothing developed each before Lebaran. "We have twice the widths and that's when Moslem much sought after," he added.

That's why IIFC with many designers and fashion houses want to develop a fashion muslim muslim clothing that is not only depending on the season by delivering new innovations, new models that look more modern. Indeed, some Muslim fashion models sometimes make the wearer look older than her age.

With invovasi fashion, no longer teenagers who look older by wearing Muslim clothing. Moreover, the current development of the Muslim fashion industry has got government support to the Presidential Instruction no. 9 in 2008 who said Islamic fashion industry including the creative industries.

Thus, it is not possible Muslim-Muslim Indonesia gorgeous looks very fashionable with elements that are very Indonesia. "We will bring the fashion industry with the Indonesian Muslim's taste," he said.

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