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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gaddafi's Libya Banish rebel forces in the city of Al-Qawalish

Tripoli-Libya fighters seized the town of Al-Qawalish after six hours of battle hold. Al-Jazeera reported. The rebels from the mountains of western Libya forward on Wednesday (06/07/2011), captured the city in order to pave the way to the capital Tripoli.

After about six hours the battle lasted all morning, drove back the rebel forces loyal to the leader Muammar al-Gaddafi of town Qawalish.

The two sides fought from afar, using heavy artillery, and plumes of smoke could be seen rising from the Al-Qawalish in the afternoon. "Gaddafi's forces had left the town and the rebels now control the city, trying to clean up, from house to house and saw that in fact the area is safe from the Forces Kadhafi," said Al Jazeera reporter, Hull.

Al-Qawalish about 50 miles west Gharyan, the last town in the mountains Nafusa, is now in the hands of rebels since the revolt against Gaddafi broke out in mid-February. Gharyan is still dominated by the Gaddafi regime is located longitudinally north-south connecting the city of Tripoli. In the southern desert, the troops still menguasa Kadhafi this area.

"The conquest of the city of Al-Qawalish is an important step to enter the city of Tripoli. The overall strategy of the fighters obviously to reach Tripoli." Reported.
In the midst of rebel military victories scored in the mountainous west, their counterparts in the city of Benghazi Misrata and held a massive demonstration to show their support.

Tens of thousands of opposition supporters filled the streets of Benghazi, the capital of the rebel's de facto holding an anti-Gaddafi caricature and shouting "Go Kadhafi, go" and "God is great".

A helicopter, with the inscription Libyan monarchy era of three-color flag, flying low over the crowd. Some rebels fired their AK-47 into the air as an expression of joy of success of new troops took the city in Libya.

In a number of smaller demonstrations were held in Misrata, also expressed their excitement.


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