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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Exclusive Breastfeeding Pregnancy How Powerful Set Distance

Exclusive breastfeeding is not only great for children. If the mother wanted to set the distance of this pregnancy to be the right way.

BKKBN Kepri officer, Dr. Maya Goddess Dhenok said in the first 6 months since birth (MAL = Lactation Amenorrhea Method), has actually been able to prevent pregnancy.

"Keep in mind that pregnancy can occur before the return of the first period since giving birth because ovulation occurs before menstruation," explains Dhenok.

There are several methods of contraception postpartum for breastfeeding mothers, namely Nonhormonal consists of condoms, IUD / IUD, Kontap (Contraception steady). While the method of hormonal contraceptives containing progestin alone, such as the implant / implant contraceptives.

Recommended for lactating mothers after 6 weeks of giving birth, KB 3 monthly injections and birth control pills specifically for nursing mothers that contains only progestin alone.

In principle, a nursing mother can use contraception does not reduce the amount of milk, especially in the first 6 months in which the infant has not received additional food other than breast milk.

Which can be used to KB nonhormonal or hormonal, for example, birth control pills from the class of low progesterone, or injections which contain only progesterone injected per 3 months. Estrogen-containing contraceptives are not recommended because it will reduce the amount of milk. IUD is safe in breastfeeding mothers and has been chosen.


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