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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


What is a Domain ?

Digital tutorials this time will try to express to you about Understanding Domain. The meaning of the Domain and the function of that domain. Presumably what has been stated below can be helpful as well to answer your curiosity about the meaning of Domain, the intent and purpose.

Understanding Domain according to wikipedia:

Domain name
Domain name (domain name) is given a unique name to identify the name of the server computer as a web server or mail server on a computer network or the Internet. The domain name serves to facilitate the users on the Internet at the time of access to the server, but is also used to remember the name of the visited server without having to know complicated series of numbers known as IP addresses. This domain name is also known as a single piece from a website such as for example "". The domain name is sometimes also referred to as URLs, or website address.
source: Wikipedia

Understanding Digital Domain According Tutorial:

Domain is a name of format letters of the alphabet (a, b, c, d, e, and so on) and numbers (1,2,3, etc.) and symbols (-) to name the website url address instead of the numbers from the address format IP client server web hosting where files are placed.

IP address for example a web server where we stored the file is actually we can just type directly in the browser to access our site, but it is certainly not very good for memory recall, especially those visitors who access our website. Since each person will certainly be easier to remember the row of words rather than rows of numbers. For this domain is required in order to replace a row of figures to be a row of words that would easily diingat.misal: will be easier to remember than numbers

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