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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Choose Insurance Losses

You want to buy insurance? Do not rush. There are several things to consider to determine what insurance products you use for yourself or your employer. These tips can help you.

1. separate the elements / objects in accordance with its economic calculations.

Select the items you really need insurance, so you have nothing to lose. For example, if you want to take out fire insurance for home and household furniture, then you do not connect the computer and accessories included in the calculation. Why? Since the recreational value for the company's computers is very low compared to the current value of the computer or the time of purchase will be provided.

Another example, you take the insurance of motor vehicles (cars) on the assets of the company. When the vehicle is insured for more than 10 years, are the economic costs of insurance premiums will be higher. Another case where a company can have its own / self-insurance of the vehicle placed on the assets.

2. Identify elements / objects clearly

The identification of goods / objects that should be insured. For example, the Toyota Corolla sedan in 1998.
At the farm, as a garment factory and its machinery, generators and other equipment related to the plant event.

3. Choose a reputable insurance

Do not be fooled by insurance, the premium rate (amount for one unit of the protection afforded to pay) a low or a high-premium offer pieces. If you do, perhaps can not the insurance company can settle the claim at the time that you have a claim against them.

4. Clearly As Possible

Enter the information as clear as possible on the object, are insured to the insurer / insurance broker. Instead, for more complete information on insurance products they offer ask. They (the fee you pay before the insurance starts paying compensation) on the types of insurance, extended warranties, premium rates, deductibles, or claim items apply process.

5. Ask your insurance coverage (insurance) is the best

You should be the assurance of complete security, the application before the insurance company issuing the insurance policy.

For example, to fire insurance or fire insurance, you can ask 4.1.A 4.1.b RSMD Earthquakes + + () + deluge (flood). Property insurance for buildings, you can ask the property includes all risks (PAR). If you to drive motor vehicles to ensure the wishes, auto insurance covers all risks RSMD 4.1.A +, etc..

6. package of insurance products

Instead of simply choosing an insurance product, you are prompted to choose a package at a time. This way you get better service and lower plants. For example, the purchase of insurance (fire) following vehicle (car) insurance and accident insurance for family members.

7. Ask your system administrator "in the first insurance"

Special coverage for objects that have a value / number is very large, for example, more than $ 100 billion, have the system of "insurance first," the insurance premiums you pay so it's not too large.

8. Ask your system administrator "adjustable policies"

The value / amount of stock see insurance in general a different level every day or every month. To correct this, you can ask the system of "adjustable policies". With this system, premiums will be paid in accordance with the volume / transactions that have actually done.

9. Read and ask

Read carefully and check the contents of the policy statement and section-section. Learn about the procedure, who say that you are before approving the issuance of insurance policies.

If there are errors in the writing, whether on the subject of insurance and other information immediately to the insurer that the broker / insurance. They will soon be writing an improvement in the policy.

Once the issue was adopted by the policy in question, premiums and original double policy, with revenues as a sign of ownership and payment of insurance

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