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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Child's Education Plan

Children Education
The best education is the greatest gift that can be used by parents to their children given. Have you?

What are the most valuable investment of your life?

Or? Real estate? or actions? The most valuable investment is an investment in children. You should be proud if you have an intelligent, loving parents, and may also have a higher education. As a wise man, you definitely want your child's goals can be achieved, tuition available. On the other hand, the costs of education are always more expensive. Of course, with a more complete teaching facilities and in good faith by a university, plus the cost of education.

We calculate, for example:

The current age of your child from 3 years.
The inflation rate of 10% and the cost of education for higher education is Rp 100 million, -.

Then, if your child is 18 years, education costs jumped to $ 420 million -

Wow! remarkable number, of course, one wonders, could find all the money.

The task is to teach your child the best, and your job as parents is to prepare the money and time are the resources available. To this end, the solution is prepared in advance.

The next question is:

* How much should you save?
* Do I have enough tubes for this?
* What happens if you do not save more because the danger?

Savings insurance education

But many wonder what is the difference between the two. The short explanation more or less of it.

Both have the same goal of preparing the educational fund for children. The difference is, where? Insurance Education has a value because they livelihoods (in this case, his parents, father or mother or both), so if the risk occurs disability, whether it be protected called because God faster, seriously ill, which as a whole or parents are not able to work again, certainly education funding remains for our baby.

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